Eaton Rapids Township


Cemetery Coordinator

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The Rules and Regulations are not intended to restrain burial rights owners, or to attempt to interfere with individual taste and privileges. it is the purpose of these regulations to protect, preserve and assure the sound operation of the cemetery, for and in the interest of the burial rights owners and the community it serves. This memorial ideal will provide for us and our successors proper shrines of sentiment and beauty, To this end, all persons are required to conform to the Rules and Regulations which have been established by Eaton Rapids Township. Eaton Rapids Township shares with you the solemn obligation to make the cemeteries a permanent and beautiful symbol of faith, love and devotion.


Cemetery Name Location Status
8213 Bentley Hwy., Eaton Rapids, MI
Not Active
2940 S. Canfield Rd. /M50 & Canfield Rd., Eaton Rapids, MI
11853 Bunker Rd., Eaton Rapids, MI
1292 Scout Rd., Eaton Rapids, MI
Not Active
440 N. Michigan Rd./M-99, Eaton Rapids, MI

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been adopted by Eaton Rapids Township. All persons interred within the cemetery and all burial rights certificate holders shall be subject to those rules and regulations, and other rules and regulations amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by the Township Board.